After a number of years of working in ceramics, glass manages to captivate me to such an extent that I decide to devote myself entirely to that media. Thanks to its properties, it allows me to explore what I call “The Adventure of the Light”. This is the reason why I dedicate my time to the thermo-mouldered glass, its technique, its aesthetics, its investigation. I create sculptures and art objects, and I design contemporary jewellery in gold, silver, pewter and bronze with glass fixings.

In my creation I seek to transcend the natural properties of the material, its transparency and its fragility. A large portion of my work is characterized by a strong metal image, which only reveals its true identity and essence when exposing it to light. There is a new artwork that is emerging in me, in which, besides the naturally transparency of the material, colour is the essential motive, the reason for being.

After many years of labour, and in honour to all the investigations I have undertaken on such a rich material, I decided to pour my knowledge into a book, so that new generations can make use of my experience, and add their own.

In my constant exploration as a plastic artist, I am also nurtured by my lectures, activity that I enjoy tremendously. It is for me a true honour to have awakened in my students that same passion for the discovery of the properties of glass, and throughout the years see many of them pass on to others what I have given then.